Historic Lighting!

Corinna and  I both felt that the fixtures and fitting for the lights were a very important part of the overall aesthetic so armed with our copy of world of interiors we tracked down the lovely Stanley from Historic Lighting. He was, and remains to be nothing other than encouraging,  helpful, excited about The Birds, even taking a trip up to london to help us instal the lights at Tramashed.

Check out their lovely blog!

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Introducing The Birds

Let me introduce you to ‘The Birds’. Marni, Constance and Marion were born from a love of design and a wish to make something tactile and femine but also functional and beautiful.

Back in May Corinna and I (Anna) meet to discuss her lighting needs! As part of her PHD she was busy organising a pop-up tea shop, with collected memories from local residences of Bankside she wanted to encourage them to drop in listen and chat. Corinna had an idea to take traditional iconic pieces of lighting, shapes that are instantly recognisable in the history of design which was mainly masculine and reinterpret them using fashion techniques, interlining fabrics and corsetry banding. So we began to develop some pieces for the tea shop….

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