Show Time at The Tramshed!

We finished making our lights and hung them over a bar serving free drinks! Seriously tell me one good reason not to drop by the Tramshed on Rivington street this weekend?

There’s 20 or so other designers exhibiting including the lovely Charlene Mullen who introduced Corinna and I!

We’re are upstairs in the Benchmark workshop in what must be the only bar in London located within two feet of serious power tools!

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Graphic Design by Ben Mcqueen


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Made in London

Having been dreamed up  and prototyped in South London, overlocked in the East End it was surely time to head North for our branding and printing. The wonderful Ben Mcqueen cleared his schedual and harnessing his branding experience  and witty graphic designers eye he wipped us up a 1950’s stlye publication and had it printed by the the lovely Ken at the Hatto Press.

Surely the next logical step is to head West in search of stockists? But before I get ahead of myself I better get back to folding…

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Working Well

At the last minute we decided we wanted to add an overlock detail to the edge so we rushed down to Working Well, a charity thats works to teach people with mental health difficuties a skill and keep them in employment.
The men were all to happy to help, I spent the morning drinking tea and discussing hem lines with them while they played power ballads and invited me to come back and learn some new sewing skills!
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Things we like….

studded ceilings….

soft bottles and hard dresses…

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Cork grows on trees!

Before we got back to work in ernest Corinna took something of a working holiday. Family in toe she went sourcing cork for our lights and discovered a somewhat magical cork farm!

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After the success of Bankside and with a little encouragement from all sides we decided to develop our pieces into more functional protoypes.

In the run up to the London Design Festival Corinna and I were busy making the lights! Her kitchen table is a mass of patterns, drawings and prototypes as we experimented with different shapes, and boning.

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